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   Now Is The Time To Deliver!

Connecting virtual brands with hosting restaurants, increasing reach for brands with ZERO upfront cost and generating revenue for restaurants.

Why us?

We connect brand owners, food entrepreneurs, and chefs with already established and staffed kitchens to host their virtual menus.

We manage all the brand’s needs, from suppliers to delivery.


Open a virtual brand
in days

With us, it's as easy as days! Get your brand up and running.

Live on all food delivery apps in 7 days

Cover More Geo 

Cover more geographical areas for

90% less than any other cloud kitchen.

and reach your customers all over the country.

Steak Sandwich
why us


For Brands

Brands provide Nube

with the menu, and

preferred location

Nube matches the 

brand with the most

suitable host kitchen

based on cuisine


needed equipment

After training and providing

a menu outline

and pictures,

the host kitchen

cooks the brand's menu.

Nube manages orders

and logistics.

Brands go live on the


platform and start

receiving orders.

For Restaurants

Restaurants sign with Nube,

providing their

unitillized kitchen capacity.

Nube launches third-party

virtual brands

 inside the

host restaurant kitchen.

Nube manages

orders & logistics

Hosting restaurants utilizes

their space and staff

start generating revnues

From the virtual brands



Pioneers in food ecosystem and innovation

At Nube, we have made it our mission to make virtual food delivery operations better through an innovative system technology that connects all parties.

Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes
Manage your virtual brands

Get a 360-degree view of your brand performance and get access to valuable insights that help you understand your sales, order volumes, earnings and brands, all in one single dashboard.

All your online orders in one place

All platforms are connected into one dashboard to seamlessly view all of your orders through a single workflow. 

Food Photography
Viw your inventory and supply chain

Take access of an integrated planning, inventory and supply chain management in one dashboard for efficient brand operations.

Get a detailed history of all sales

A dashoboard showing In-depth analytics and powerful reporting to optimize brand and menu growth.

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Connecting brands with delivery platforms

Grow revenue with lower cost and effort. We will connect your brand with the biggest delivery aggregators with the best rates.

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