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Our Services

We manage all the brands needs from packaging, food suppliers and customer feedback and complaints on

food ordering platforms.

We provide a huge hosting restaurant network in different locations in the UAE

High-tech system provided for each brand showing their day-to-day purchasing needs and reporting.

We provide a space for each brand within an

existing restaurant’s fully equipped and

staffed kitchen.

The opportunity for brands from abroad to

launch in the UAE.

We implement a zero-food wastage

system for commonly used items;

you pay for what you use

We handle all payments and transfers

everything to your bank account 

Mystery shopper service & quality control

provided for our brands 

Company registration isn’t needed when

working with Nube, we handle needed


0 initial cost, and 0 fixed

monthly payments

We manage the kitchen staff; all you have to do is train them on your menu

and leave the rest to us.

All equipment needed is provided and maintained,

so you don't need to worry about kitchen

equipment anymore.

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